Staying together

Just the other day, a friend of mine and I were talking about this. Keeping a relationship of any sort is never easy, let alone keeping one that is bound by a covenant. But it is possible, with lots of effort. 
It may seem so easy for some people, especially those who look happy, contented and affectionate when the couple is together outside of their home. But the reason why they are still together is not what you see through their interactions in public. 
It is a lot of hard work behind closed doors. Lots of struggling to not bite each other’s head off during an argument. 

Lots of battling with the temptation to just throw in the towel and say, “Why do I even put up with you when I don’t even need you?” 

Lots of suspicions.

Lots of doubts. 

Lots of trying (and sometimes just not giving a damn anymore) to prove their faithfulness and fidelity towards each other.

And most of all, lots of reconciliation that tests how true they both really are sorry for their own actions. 

Marriage is the most challenging thing anyone has to go through. But the one who makes it ’till death do us part’ is the one who heroes it out for all to see that there is hope for true love and a lasting relationship, in a place so bleak and miserable such as this world that we’re living in.


Bloody ties…

487411_10200809420455940_1643642655_nThis quote has always been something I could never agree with because I am a very family person. I would give up everything to defend family ties. My passion is in this ‘business’ called family. And I’ve always encouraged everyone to maintain their relationships with their family members because at the end of the day, blood remains thicker than water.

I’ve also been through many relationship tensions within my own family. Ever since I was a child, I always thought arguments and problems within the family can always be resolved. You can’t say you don’t want to friend a family because you can’t cut family ties… EVER. I’ve been through ‘sorry’, I’ve forgiven, I’ve fought to keep the family in a tight bond. Only to realise I will always be misunderstood, spat at and bad-mouthed.

It cuts like a freaking knife just thinking about it today and I’m actually very tempted to give in to this quote which I’ve always believed as a load of crap. But THIS is not my principle. I do not betray family. I do not sell family members. And I do not wish for anybody out there to ever have to start believing in this quote or experience bad family relationships.

‘The Family’ is the most important part of my home-education topic for my children. My children are taught to look out for each other and support one another no matter what happens. They are taught to always stay united and pray for one another in all circumstances. This is my legacy because I believe that without family, everyone’s a nobody.

In Jesus’ name, I pray for healing of family relationships every where in the world. Amen.