Oh, please, sleep…

Oh, please, sleep...Every mother would know how frustrating it can be to get your children to go to bed. Of all my six kids, I was blessed to have… just ONE baby who could sleep on her own in her cot. That was my number Five. I had to carry, pat, rock, dance and do all sorts of somersaults for the others to sleep. I’m still doing it right now, if you’re doing the math. (Please remember that I have six kids because sometimes, I can’t do it for myself and I need reminders.)

My number Six happens to be an extremely light sleeper who also gets easily distracted while nursing. A tiny bit of sound would put an end to boob time. The sound of a motorbike zooming past my house (and I resent this to no end!) would wake her up from her peaceful slumber.

This afternoon, we were interrupted twice by my number Five while I was trying to get number Six to nap. I don’t think you’re interested in the details but an hour and a quarter later, both were asleep and THIS is finally my peaceful moment… for awhile, that is. I still have three… I mean, five?… no… how many kids do I have, again?


A new era of ‘childhooding’ (Part 4)

Number three on the list is a short one:


Besides being eco-friendly, a cloth diaper is healthier for your baby. Many mothers are not aware of all the toxic chemicals in disposable diapers. They only think of the convenience – use and throw. I’m sure you’d want all the best for your child but having your baby’s skin direct contact with chemicals is definitely not one of them. And anyhow, the use of cloth diapers these days is every bit as convenient as using a disposable diaper. It also saves you a lot of money so you can get more and better educational toys, and more nutritional food for the family. Heck, you can even go on a vacation with your family with all that money wasted on chemical bum-bum covers. Being careful with your expenses and caring for the environment are also great values you should pass down to your children.

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A new era of better ‘childhooding’ (Part 2)

So here’s the first on the list (and there are many others but here’s just a few I can think of right now):

thebreastfedbabyExclusive breastfeeding

This is actually part of attachment parenting but I’d like to stress on how important it is for a child to be given the best nutrients which can only be obtained from their mother’s own milk. It’s human milk for human babies. I’ve had success with breastfeeding for most of my kids and I knew it was good for them. But I never realised how silly feeding formula to a child is until I came across another mother asking at a forum: “Why would you give an animal’s milk to a human baby?” I deeply regret not giving the best food in the world to some of my children for as long as I could or even for two years.

Breastfeeding is also the best way to bond with your child. There is nothing more special to a baby than that moment when they get to spend that personal time latching on to their mothers.

It’s therapeutic. It helps a mother cope with post-partum syndrome. It calms her down, giving her moments of peace when she tries to adjust to new-motherhood.

To learn more about breastfeeding, join a support group on Facebook, google it, get help from a lactation consultant. There are many people who support breastfeeding nowadays as more and more people are exposed to the benefits (and myths) of breastfeeding. Tune out those who are trying to discourage you from giving the best food to your child. Don’t let hurtful comments and under-researched ideas of these people even make you think twice about exclusively breastfeeding your child.

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