Asian parenting after-school interrogation

Questions Asian parents like to ask their kids when they get home from school: What did you get for your test? What did your friends get for the test? Did you do better than your classmates? Why are there so many mistakes? Were you being careless again? Did you get all the answers right when … Continue reading Asian parenting after-school interrogation



Happy birthday, Stupid. What the hell did you do now? What the hell did you do to sabotage your own relationship? Again? Yes, I heard. Can't seem to keep one going long enough, huh? Did you do what you did years ago? It can't be something you didn't do. 'Cos not much has ever been … Continue reading Again?

The eccentric writer (12) – All that drama over a fall down the stairs

This was something I posted on my Facebook page two years ago. Can't decide if I find my over-imagination stupid, unnecessary, annoying or all of the above spring-rolled together with some other terms which my just-woken-up mind is too lazy to think of. But I guess I'm just another writer with more mind on her … Continue reading The eccentric writer (12) – All that drama over a fall down the stairs

Be like Jon… or John

The green-eyed monster... (And the priest referenced Shakespeare for it this morning during his homily. 😜) Saul was jealous of David. Seriously, all the young boy did was slew a soldier with acromegaly. But the green-eyed monster in him made him hunt David down to have him killed. What drives a person to act on … Continue reading Be like Jon… or John

Out of this world

Some people asked if I believed in the world of wizardry and witchcraft, or the existence of races such as the elves, the dwarves, and the tiny little people with big feet, or the possibility of souls passing on into another universe, dimension, and timeline, or gods dying to die like the mortalsΒ who are trying … Continue reading Out of this world