The life of a woman starts at the moment of conception in her mother’s womb. Helpless as she is when her being begins to form, she trusts the only person she ever knew from the very beginning of time – God, her Creator. In Him, she finds comfort and reassurance from conception to birth, from birth to childhood, from childhood to adolecense, from adolecense to adulthood and until He says it’s time to go back to where she once was before she entered her mother’s womb.

I strongly believe that the Creator has so much planned out for each and everyone of us. His love for us is eternal and He wants only the best for us. He alone holds the blueprint of our lives. There are times when I doubt his presence, especially when things get so incomprehensible.

This blog was set up as a record of my feelings, experiences and blessings throughout my life in pursuit of being the woman after God’s own heart. Struggling through the odds of life as a daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend, I know someday I will find myself so much stronger than before. I know the Lord has put trials along my journey as His daughter to prune me and make me His instrument for the sake of His glory. I cannot see the things ahead of me but I’m certain that at this moment, He is with me, taking my hand to guide me through a journey of faith that only He knows the way.

I’d like to dedicate this to all the women out there, no matter what your age is. Share my joy when I’m up, pray with me when I’m down. If you’ve known Christ, you’re blessed. If you do not know Him yet, you will be blessed when He makes Himself known to you.

All glory and honour belong to the Almighty God forever. Amen!


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