Getting kids to start reading

So tempted to start a reading class/club for kids. Adults are a gone case. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But kids are always open to new stuff. Reading is a great and fun way to learn a language, improve writing skills, expand vocabulary, develop creativity, and broaden the mind.
A little advice to parents: when you’re buying books for your kids to get them started on reading, make sure they are interesting story books. The Ladybird series are NOT going to help much. They are for reading assessment (and kids get turned off because they are boring and they repeat words like a broken record).
Get them a collection of Enid Blyton’s instead. For beginners, traditional fairy tales are good starters. When they are older, you can introduce them to Roald Dahl before they get hooked on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Wizarding World series. (The latter is a promise. You’d better be ready for it because they would want ALL of JK’s books after that, including Hogwart’s Textbooks and Library Books. And your ears will burn from hearing them discuss spells, plots, and characters.)
For those in Kuching, it’s not too late to visit the Book Lover’s Festival at The Hills by Second Time Around Books. You’ve got three days to go. Otherwise, there’s always MPH and Popular Bookstore. Sign up as a member for great offers and get your kids some books for Christmas.
Getting kids to start reading.jpg

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