People don’t read anymore

People don't read anymore 01.jpgAnd this makes me wonder why I still write. Maybe I’m hoping too much for a good change. I wonder how many would read this post of mine…

People get turned off when they see anything that’s more than 150 words. Did you know that a first-grader could write a 100-word composition about their family?

Reading a 1,500-word article enlightens and empowers a person so much more than a 30-second video advertisement that’s just tempting you to spend money on things you don’t need. The word count required for submission to magazines like Nat Geo and RD is 4,000 – 6,000 words per article. I wonder who reads these nowadays.

Having said that, there’s also the kind of reading materials that people would rather go for. It seems that articles written for trashing individuals, organisations, and governments are more popular than pieces aimed to uplift, build character and morale, and help with social, emotional, and mental ills. People would rather gossip about than help one another. That’s just sad. And you’re screaming about that guy over there not contributing in making the world a better place…

Also, do first-time parents spend their nine months reading parenting books these days? (We did that a lot years ago before the Internet came about.) Or do they just wait for the baby to pop up and decide what to do with it? This is alarming. As real as it is that your parenting wisdom may come in a package with your bundle of joy, you also need adequate prior knowledge and information from every source you can get before hearing your baby’s first cry. It’s no wonder why parents these days get so ‘overwhelmed’ by their first parenting experience that they are terrified to have more kids in the future. Equip yourselves before you pop. Your newborns won’t be able to wait for you to watch a five-minute YouTube video on how to change their diapers when they’ve got black sticky poop stuck to their bum-bums. And yes, first poops are black and sticky. It’s actually body hair they shed from their body which the baby consumed while in your womb.

*Originally posted on my Facebook page on 20 May 2017


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