The eccentric writer (12) – All that drama over a fall down the stairs

This was something I posted on my Facebook page two years ago. Can’t decide if I find my over-imagination stupid, unnecessary, annoying or all of the above spring-rolled together with some other terms which my just-woken-up mind is too lazy to think of. But I guess I’m just another writer with more mind on her hands than time.

Slipped six steps down the stairs while getting the kids’s stuff ready in a hurry.

Heartbeat escalated.

My life flashed before my… what??? No!

It was more like, “Oh no! Gotta stop at this stair… nope? Maybe the next one then… not this one too? Must. Not. Hit. The tiled floor at the bottom. Wonder what the impact is going to do to my tailbone or my spine. And my head is going to hit the edge of a stair. No, that probably would’ve happened before I hit the bottom. Maybe I should spread my ‘wings’ out to make sure all this does not happen.”

It’s amazing how so much can go through your mind in just two seconds. So drama. I blame #Sherlock!

Anyway, praise God for the protection. All I got was a scratch on my arm which I can see but not feel. Haha…


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