Out of this world

Out of this world.jpg

Some people asked if I believed in

the world of wizardry and witchcraft,

or the existence of races such as the elves, the dwarves,

and the tiny little people with big feet,

or the possibility of souls passing on into another universe, dimension, and timeline,

or gods dying to die like the mortals who are trying to live forever,

or kingdoms where dragons reign alongside humans.

They ask because these are the stories that I love to read.

These are the stories that pique my interests all the time.

My answer is simply this:

that I believe only in what I am living through.

I live and love what I’m living through.

But then again, that does not mean that

the writer in me does not believe in fantasy.

In fact, the writer in me lives in a world of fantasy

where there is an infinite possibility of

multifarious realms beyond our imagination.

The writer in me lives in a different world altogether.


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