Just dropping by…

Here’s a quick one before I get back to decluttering my house, before I get back to writing.

I’ve been so busy lately – and also quite demotivated to pen anything. As usual, my only excuse is that life happened.

After putting up my book Strictly Professional on sale on Smashwords, drawing up an author page on Facebook and wondering what the hell was going on with my kindle edition on Amazon, I found myself at a junction where I couldn’t decide if I wanted to

  • continue my fan fiction Loosely,
  • work on my second book currently entitled Picture Perfect (it’s actually a revamped version of a novel I started writing seven or eight years ago),
  • or go ahead with an idea I came up with based on Third Eye Blind‘s most famous song ‘Motorcycle Drive By’.

Yup, I’m a huge pile of mess right now. That is why I have decided to declutter my living room and shift the furniture around as physical proof that I am trying to undo the tangles in my head. But, who am I kidding?

Anyway, let’s see if something magical happens after this.

Oh and don’t forget to grab a copy of Strictly Professional by Jo Terry right here at a discounted price of USD3.49. This offer ends on 19th September 2015, after which it will be available at its normal price of USD4.99. Just enter CX29R as the coupon code.


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