The eccentric writer (6) – Facebooking, meme-ing, blogging

Reads a few lines.

Notices a certain word that has been annoyingly repeated within the same paragraph.

Looks word up on Google for synonyms.

Replaces word.

Reads a few more lines.

Finds some vexatious phrases.

Rewrites phrases.

*Facebook notification alert*

Checks Facebook.

Replies comments.

Refreshes newsfeed.

Finds something interesting on newsfeed.

Shares that interesting post.

Spends another 20 minutes scrolling through Facebook, sharing, tagging, commenting, replying to comments, liking posts, liking comments, liking replies, waiting for replies.

Realises how much time has been wasted on Facebook.

Googles ‘Facebook writer meme’.

Finds the perfect meme.

Posts meme on Facebook.

Realises this is a good writing prompt.

Signs in on WordPress.

Blogs about a writer’s procrastination.


Thinks, ‘I am so smart to find something to blog about today’.

Furrows brows.

Wait… did I just…?


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