Would you remarry?

cast-awayHubs: Do you remember the movie Cast Away? The one where Tom Hanks came back after being lost for many years and Helen Hunt had gotten married to his friend because they all thought he was dead?

Me: Yeah, I guess. I think I remember watching something along that line.

Hubs: What if it happens to us?

Me: You mean, like if we all thought you were dead but you came back? Like what happened with those people on MH370?

Hubs: And you’re married to one of my friends.

Me: That’s not going to happen. I wouldn’t remarry unless I’ve seen your dead body.

In fact, I don’t think I will marry again, I didn’t say.

Truth is, I didn’t remember what actually happened in Cast Away when hubs randomly threw that scenario at me over a week ago while we’re on a vacation.

I thought about it again today and decided to google a synopsis of the movie. I realise that it’s a totally different situation compared to what we have now.

Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) goes missing after he proposes to his girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt). Four years later, he is rescued and comes back to find that Kelly is married to his orthodontist and they have a daughter. There is nothing they can do about it even though it is evident that they still love each other. They are forced to move on separately.

Hubs and I are a different case altogether. We are married and we have six children. If he does go MIA on me one day, whether he is dead or alive, his presence still remains in our children and in our home.

Would you remarry?


2 thoughts on “Would you remarry?

  1. My husband has a dangerous job and its horrible that I have thought about this. We have one son, another on the way but I am still fairly young for the dating pool. And then I think to myself that I should lose a little more weight in case something happens to my husband, I’m too fat for anyone else to want me.
    To be honest I would be so lost. He has a decent life insurance policy to help me out if anything were to happen. I know that I would be unable to work or function much.
    I would not hold on to him, though. I would lose hope of him returning even if there was no evidence. I would not move on immediately by four years down the road, if I was able to heal and function as a successful member of society, I may open myself up again. I wouldn’t go running to a mutual friend for “immoral support” if you know what I mean.


    • Yeah… I understand how you feel. There was a time when I entertained the thought of remarrying just so my children would have a fatherly figure to look up if my husband passes away when the kids are still young. My husband and I have also talked about him getting a new wife who would be able to care for our kids if I died early. We have six kids. It will be a challenge for the new spouse to accept the whole package. Lol!

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