Mr and Mrs Superstitions

Once upon a time, there was a man… or maybe it was a woman… but come to think of it, it could’ve been a couple, just like me and hubs (who get a kick out of such things), who were counselors for people in distress.

A man came and seek advise regarding his daughter who wanted to marry a man twice her age. The counselors told the man that the solution to his problem was to run around the house seven times in a pair of clogs, flapping his arms and shouting, “No way! No way! No way!” This, they said, was to cast away the spirit of oldmanism.

The man did and true enough, his daughter did not marry the man twice her age.

Then, came a woman whose problem was with a neighbour who frowned at her every time they happened to do laundry at their backyard at the same time.

The couple advised the woman to put a piece of wet dishcloth over her head and a piece of drumstick in her mouth whenever she went out to the backyard to wash her clothes. This, they claimed, would chase away the spirit of unfriendliness in the neighbourhood.

The woman did as she was told and her neighbour never showed her another frown.

The couple continued to give advise to many unfortunate people in distress which included the possession of rabbit’s foot and placing of certain items in certain corners of their houses to ward off certain things they considered ‘damaging’ to their lives.

Everyone seemed to follow their advise no matter how silly they were. Little did they know, the reason the man didn’t marry the girl was because he didn’t want to be associated to a crazy father-in-law and the neighbour stopped frowning because she got sick with high fever and died because she feared the laundry lady was actually a cannibal.

To this day, people are still referring to testimonies of others who listened to the couple’s advise in their daily life. And to this day, Mr and Mrs Superstitions are looking down from the sky, laughing their hearts out at these people who would do silly things to solve their petty problems.

The End


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