A new era of ‘childhooding’ (Part 6)

After that last post, I wasn’t sure if anyone would go to part 6 but I have to finish it, anyhow. The last item on my list is:

Taken from http://www.lifeandbeautyweekly.com/feature/life-and-love/parenting-tips/images/large.jpgHome-education

It doesn’t matter if your children are schooled outside the home or home-schooled, education should continue at home. It is important for children to be educated by their parents at home on good moral values, family traditions and belief, manners and practical life skills.

You don’t necessarily need books to teach or impose such knowledge on your children. There are many ways to educate your children and the best is always leadership by example. Children learn from what they see their parents do at home. Loving parents = loving children. Patient children usually come from patient parents. They may have a set of characters which are unique in each of them but children naturally emulate the people they are closest to.

Home-education is essential for bringing up independent children who appreciate their roots and where they come from. Don’t just leave it to the teachers to educate our children. As it is, academics is a huge load for them to handle.

A sum of all sacrifices, a sum of all fears

Parenting is a lot about giving our children the childhood they deserve. It’s a huge responsibility and it contributes more to the society than many people think. This one child whom God has placed under your stewardship, with sufficient love and proper care, will grow up to be the man or woman you mould him/her to be as a unit in society.

A better child contributes to make a better society. A better society contributes to make a better nation. A better nation contributes to make a better world.

Parents, you’re holding the world in your hands.


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