Keep it simple for as long as possible, please

I’d like to keep the innocent minds of my under-12s from politics for as long as possible, thank you.

This is the time for them to discover God’s wonders and the beauty of his creations. They’ll find out soon enough how horrible the people (including you and I, sad to say) on this earth are.

So please keep your unhealthy, negative, discouraging, terrorising remarks to yourself at the moment. Watch what you say in front of the kiddos.

Maybe you think it’s necessary to teach young kids their voting rights but I still think kids should be free of the worries of this world so they can enjoy their childhood before these golden opportunities are taken away from them.

Your strict, hard, si-beh-kiasu academic grinding as early as age two is already robbing every kid off their precious years.

#protectingkidsinnocence #stopbeingaterroriser #nodifferentfromtheterroristyoupassjudgementon #nodifferentfromthepeopleyoucallcorrupt


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