Book Keeping

I’d started reading novels again, knowing it’s the next best thing to writing that could relax my mind, and that I didn’t need to be inspired to read.

I just realised what a co-incidence it had been that after I read a Jodi Picoult’s novel, I would pick up a Nicholas Sparks that has a similar story line or character.

After I read Picoult’s Picture Perfect, I moved to Sparks’ Safe Haven. Both writings were about fugitive wives who were victims of abusive husbands.

Then I moved on to Sparks’ The Best of Me before picking up Picoult’s Lone Wolf. These two novels had one thing in common: Their main casts, whose first loves married someone else, died and were organ donors.

I’m going to start reading another Picoult. I can’t say I like her writings because I really don’t. I read Picture Perfect and Lone Wolf for the sake of knowing if she really was, by nature, a long-winded, take-you-back-to-the-past-over-and-over-again kind of author… and she had been in the last two books I read. Actually, I think I finished reading these two just to keep to my principle of finishing what I’ve started. The only one I really liked was Harvesting the Heart because it was different and brought me closer to my emotional home. But I wouldn’t single her out until I’ve read all her books.

As for Nicholas Sparks, I’ve always liked how he appeared to have broken into the soul of a woman and put what he discovered into his writings. He always seems to know, so well, what a woman would do, feel, think or say in every single situation. Sometimes I wonder if Nicholas Sparks could be another George Elliot – a woman hiding behind a male pen name. But having said that, he also portrays very rough personalities in the male characters of his novels, making them navies, marines, armies, rig operators… all those professions high on testosterones. Lol!

Well, surprise me, Picoult! I might learn to like you. Will try to get my hands on more of her books.


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