Storming heaven’s doors with thanks

Queen Esther also, fearing the danger that was imminent, fled to the Lord. And she begged the Lord God of Israel, saying, “My Lord, who alone is our King, help me, a solitary woman, for there is no other helper but you. I have heard from my father that you, Lord, chose Israel from among all nations and our fathers from among all their former ancestors, to possess them as an everlasting inheritance, and you have done for them just as you said. Be mindful, Lord, and show yourself to us in the time of our tribulation, and give me faith, Lord, King of gods and of every power.” Esther 8:1,3,5,12

Today, I unite my prayer with Esther’s for I am going through something similar with her, in which I can’t help but find myself begging for the Lord’s help and mercy.

It isn’t something I can tell anyone about. Well, I used to speak to a couple of friends about my problems but lately, I find myself to be too much of a burden for the people around me that I’ve decided to keep to myself.

There is one person, however, that I would turn to in times of great distress. And that is the Lord, my God. He knows better than anyone else, what I am going through and He alone has the solution to my problem.

As I read today’s Responsorial Psalm, I am even more convicted that my comfort and consolation lie in thanking God.
Lord, on the day I called for help,
you answered me.
I will give thanks to you O Lord,
with all my heart,
for you have heard the words of my mouth;
In the presence of the angels I will sing your praise;
I will worship at your holy Temple
and give thanks to your name.
Because of your kindness and your truth;
for you have made great above all things
your name and your promise.
When I called, you answered me;
you built up strength within me.
Your right hand saves me.
The Lord will complete what he has done for me;
your kindness, O Lord, endures forever;
forsake not the work of your hands.
Psalm 138

Hanging on to the promise of God for His everlasting love, I shall trust in Him that He will deliver me from my distress. For He also said in the Gospel today, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

To God be all glory! Amen.


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