Our Father – the Divine Providence, the Divine Assurer

Not one family in this world is without problem. Some come with infidelity issues, some families have disability in a member or special children, and others relationship issues.

As I sit at my breakfast table here today, the only thing that comes to mind is the very thing that haunts the family’s financial situation – debts. Our financial issue goes beyond ‘not being able to make ends meet’. We’re already at ‘legal action’.

It has been like that ever since the domestic depression in 2007. It got better for awhile in 2008 but by 2009, it was back to square one.

I used to tell people, back in the days when my faith was so unshaken, that God knows what He’s doing. And that He gives every one of us only the challenges that we can handle. And so sometimes I wonder if the Lord really thinks so ‘highly’ of us that we can handle monetary problems. Most times, I just thank Him it’s a finance problem that He picked out for us and not infidelity, physical disability or hard in-laws.

I started writing this post, ready to pour out my frustrations about this whole money thing hanging around my head. But as I went along, I was reminded once again, that thanking God and praising Him will save our family from the toughest situation.

Incidentally, today’s Gospel reading is about Jesus teaching us how to pray. It really is such a beautiful prayer. It begins with us giving glory to God our Father who is holy and reigns above all. As we give Him honour, we also put our trust in Him that He will always provide for us in every where. We are also reminded that we can turn to Him to ask for forgiveness and to help us overcome temptations.

So pray with me today, to our Father, the Divine Providence.

Our Father in heaven,
Holy is your name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done
on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread,
And forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Do not bring us to the test,
but deliver us from evil.

To God be all glory.


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