7 things you’d want to have… only after the kids have grown OUT

Here are some tips for those who are about to get married, planning their new home and or especially, preparing to have kids. This is a must-read before you do any of those stuff I just mentioned.

Glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables usually come with rounded corners so those are really nothing much to worry about when it comes to these elegant-looking furniture. But that cute little bundle of joy of yours will someday grow up to be one, and then two, and then start to climb and jump on and break… something… anything… including that coffee table.

Breakable dinner ware

I don’t really have to say much about these because they’re pretty similar to the coffee tables. However, some might say, “Who would be insane enough to let a kid use breakable plates and bowls for dinner?” Well, there are all kinds of people in this world and the insane kind seems to be top count population.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter who uses those plates and bowls at the dinner table. Just let your imagination run a few steps farther (or a few years forward, if you haven’t got kids yet) and you will be able to see how anything on the table can break because of a flying McDonald’s toy coming from the high chair.

Display shelves

I know a lot of people like to decorate their houses with little statues or figurines which they’d keep in their tall display shelves. Again, I’d like to emphasise that kids actually learn to climb before they begin to walk. You don’t even want to imagine what would happen if one of these shelves dropped on your little one as he/she is trying to scale it.

Expensive home theatre

I said expensive because any damage to the cheap ones won’t hurt your pocket as much as the expensive ones.

Full-length, heavy curtains

‘Curtains? Are you kidding me?’ No, I’m not. Kids love twirling and tangling themselves in curtains. I loved twirling and tangling myself in curtains when I was a little girl. But these heavy curtains could suffocate the child in it. It’s just as bad as when a child plays with heavy blankets or under the bedsheets.

A house with many hidden corners

Kids hide things. They play hide and seek. And because they are very small, there is a possibility of losing them in your own home. They could also get stuck somewhere in this hidden corners and not be able to call out for help. It is always better for children to play in wide, open spaces where you can always keep an eye on them, anyway.

Grilles with big gaps

This, I’m speaking from my personal experience. My overactive Number Four climbs out of the house through the grilles of my doors and windows when I’m not looking. I have to watch him constantly or make sure I keep him occupied with a toy or the TV when I’m in the kitchen. I’ve found him on the car porch too many times. The grilles came with the house and replacing the whole set would cost us a bomb.

The list above is not in any particular order or priority because well, you just can’t have them yet if you want to make your house a safe place for your kids while they are growing up. Give it a few more years (like 18 years) and you’ll be able to have the funky house you’ve always wanted.

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