Going porkless

Then John’s disciples came and asked him, “How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast?” Matthew 9:14

For many years, I was often guilt-striken whenever I read this verse. The reason being – I couldn’t fast because I was pregnant… like, for most of my married life. Out of the 100 months I’ve been married, I’ve had so many reasons not to fast:

  1. 55 months of pregnancy (including the time I had my miscarriage)
  2. 5 months of confinement
  3. 32 months of breastfeeding
  4. And of course, during my monthly period

All of the above were probably just excuses not to abstain from meat because I’m a meat fanatic, especially when it comes to pork! I cook pork almost every day. The only time there’s chicken in the house is when I cook chicken curry or when we tapau (take-away). Even my version of a shepherd’s pie is a porky one.

This is the longest I’ve been in my marriage without being pregnant. My youngest is 18 months old. (And yes, I’ve conceived three months after my delivery before.)

So this year, I decided that I should start to take fasting and abstinence seriously. And what better time to start than Lent? My Fridays are now kolo mee kosong, and I try to fast at least one meal. It could be good for me to do some self-denial sometimes and replace my self-indulgence with a little prayer or lending a helping hand (or ear) instead.

So my New Year’s or birthday resolution has not really been finalised. I might still think about some other things I’d like to do for WORLD PEACE any time before this year ends.


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