The Love of God

Terence and I were just talking about a certain important character in the history of man, about how this particular character first started off as a great person of influence, led many people to goodness and had a lot of followers. However, this person was met with a lot of persecutions along the way and was buried with bitterness in his/her heart when he/she died. I’d rather not mention who the person is. But the main thing is that before death, this person led all his/her followers astray, following the bitterness that he/she was going through. Today, so many people are walking in the wrong directions, living their lives as a heritage of this person’s bitter past.

Now, let’s look at one Guy who came into the world a couple of thousand years ago, who, like the previous character, was a great person of influence (even Herod was intrigued by Him), led many people to goodness and had many followers and also met with a lot of persecutions along the way. Do you think this Guy would have any bitterness inside Him too for all the things that people those days put Him through? I think He would’ve.

Sure, He is God but He came to earth as a human being to be just like anyone of us. Like us, He was tempted, hungry (He ate a lot just like all of us), thirsty, sad (He cried when His good friend died), happy and He experienced all the emotions that we’re experiencing now.

But the difference between this Great Guy and the previous character is that this Guy didn’t keep all His bitterness inside or lead His followers astray as a result of all the persecutions that He went through. He is a bigger person than that previous character. Because of His anguish, He could’ve said no to His Father. After all, why should He die for terrible nations. He’s the Son of God!

Out of that same anguish and because He had all the power and authority given by His Dad (and the Father would always give Him what He asks for), He could’ve changed the world into ugliness, i.e. encouraging people to live more sinful life (like what the previous character did) because that would’ve benefitted Him a lot. Then He would be able to see all of us burn in hell and laugh right in our face because of all we’ve done to Him.

Instead, He willingly took the cup offered to Him, got scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to and humiliated on the cross to give His persecutors another chance to see eternal life.

Two great persons…One big difference: The Son of God had the Love of God for His people, not for Himself…

All glory be to our Ever-Loving God!


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