Elkanah said to Hannah…

This was a post written beginning of this year for my site on Multiply

“Why are you sad? Don’t I mean more to you than 10 sons?”

Funny how scripture verses come right at you just when you need it…

This verse was in yesterday’s reading from the 1st book of Samuel. Hannah, prophet Sam’s mum, was barren until the Lord answered her prayer by giving her a prophet son. Before that, she was often humiliated because she couldn’t bear any child for her husband, Elkanah. And that was what he said to her when she grieved.

I have always been sensitive about my size. I hate it when I’m called ‘skinny’ and when people ask me, “Why don’t you eat more?” If you know me and my family well, you’d also know that we’re always in our eating frenzy. You’d know that I’m thin not because I don’t eat but because of my high metabolism. Even after 3 kids (I’m only 2 weeks into my confinement and I eat 6 rice meals a day), I can already fit nicely into a pair of jeans (I won’t mention whose, though…kekeke…).

Recently, I got that kind of comment again and I got so upset, I couldn’t sleep. But when I read what Elkanah asked Hannah, I thought about an incident, quite some time ago, when I was again upset with people’s comments on my thinness. I remember Terence telling me something similar too: “Why do you care so much about what other people say? I love you for who you are no matter how fat or thin you are.” This brought tears to my eyes and I realised I shouldn’t be bothered so much about what other people think. It’s the acceptance I get from my loved ones that matters. And most of all, I’m sure the Creator Himself loves everything He carves in the palm of His own hand.

Praise God for blessing us with what and who we need! He always knows… ^_^


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