Strictly Professional

Here it is…

Smashwords Edition

The fruit of last year’s NaNoWriMo challenge. When I stumbled upon NaNoWriMo on 15th November, I knew it was too late for me to submit a month-long challenge of a 50,000-word novel. I only had 15 days left. However, the words ‘At any other time of her life,’ came to my mind and I decided to take it up just to see how much I could write by the end of the month. I did a little over 30,000 words. That’s when I knew I just had to complete this one.

The piece of my writing prompted by a Fall Out Boy concert. No, I have never been to a Fall Out Boy concert. In fact, I’ve never been to a concert by any of my favourite bands before. We don’t really get stuff like that in our part of the world, sadly. This particular gig came to me in a dream and I decided to do a little research on band management so I could centre my story around it.

The one with an OST. The song featured in this book was originally and personally written by me for the story. It was inspired by a Third Eye Blind song. I did not include the entire piece, though. But I’m looking forward to the day when my extremely musical husband would complete the arrangement with me.

The book that my family and friends affectionately bugged me to complete. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support. You have no idea how much it means to me that you believe in me. I wish you love and all of God’s bountiful blessings!


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The eccentric writer (9) – Squeezing it into the routine

2,346 words

One minute elbow plank

1,803 words

40 bicycle crunches

3,076 words

20 right side plank (hip-lift)

20 left side plank (hip-lift)

2,228 words

30 knee hugs

1,892 words

One minute full plank

20 right side plank (leg-lift)

20 left side plank (leg-lift)

2,876 words

40 flutter kicks

1,982 words

One minute elbow plank

2,368 words

90 bench squats

And this is why nothing much has changed to that lard in the middle. 

Of course, Guinness and my love for carbs are also huge contributers to my lack of progress. 

The eccentric writer (8) – Writing is like wall-climbing

I’m on a roll

It feels like a good day in the climbing gym

Bouldering from one problem to the next

Climbing wall after wall

It is such a good feeling

Adrenaline pumping

Muscles tightening

I want to keep going until my arms are sore

Until my limbs start to shake

Until the skin on my fingers tear

And then hunger hits

Just like in the climbing gym

I’m craving for carbs

In the middle of editing

Bugger the sugar-leaking problem