It’s your choice (Part 3)

So I guess you choose to move on

To be with your other siblings Noelle, Faith and Bartholomew

Take care of each other

There will always be a place for all of you in our life

Till we meet again

– Dad and Mum


The underdeveloped gestational sac


The empty womb – one week later


It’s your choice (Part 2)

It’s obvious which path you’ve chosen to take

Even though it’s the one I’ve suspected all along

I’m still too afraid to find out

But I thank you for sparing me the physical pain they said I would have to go through

Or maybe it’s the emotional pain that has drowned it out, I cannot be sure

I’m still hopeful but maybe I’m also in denial 

However, I’m certain that you – as young as you are – are teaching me patience and acceptance

Thank you