Getting kids to start reading

So tempted to start a reading class/club for kids. Adults are a gone case. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But kids are always open to new stuff. Reading is a great and fun way to learn a language, improve writing skills, expand vocabulary, develop creativity, and broaden the mind.   A little advice … Continue reading Getting kids to start reading


Good parent, bad parent

If you haven't already read about it, a Malaysian University student was forced to break up with his girlfriend because he failed to comply to the standards set by the girl's parents. Why is this even a thing now? They’re not allowed to be together because he’s neither rich nor a Christian? It’s parents who judge people … Continue reading Good parent, bad parent

Sometimes, I write for my kids

I'm still in the process of writing #TheBridge and it has proven to be a very daunting task because of all the memories that I'm forced to revisit. So as I was scrolling through my newsfeed, I stumbled upon this post: Exes Ask Each Other Questions They Never Had A Chance To While Dating (Video), which I … Continue reading Sometimes, I write for my kids

The truth will set you free

Sometimes it's better to keep quiet than to speak up in defence of ourselves when people misunderstand us or have been fed lies about us. Eventually, the God of truth will come to our defence and set us free. These thoughts have been on my mind for quite a while now. Incidentally, I stumbled upon … Continue reading The truth will set you free

People don’t read anymore

And this makes me wonder why I still write. Maybe I'm hoping too much for a good change. I wonder how many would read this post of mine... People get turned off when they see anything that's more than 150 words. Did you know that a first-grader could write a 100-word composition about their family? … Continue reading People don’t read anymore

Of suicides, depression, and the man with a haunting voice

My thoughts on the article Twitter Wants To Protect Eddie Vedder At All Costs After Chris Cornell's Death. A bit too soon to talk about it? Maybe. But it's not just about protecting the best vocalists, grunge icons, or legends anymore. We're talking about protecting precious lives everywhere. And it's never too soon to raise awareness … Continue reading Of suicides, depression, and the man with a haunting voice

Asian parenting after-school interrogation

Questions Asian parents like to ask their kids when they get home from school: What did you get for your test? What did your friends get for the test? Did you do better than your classmates? Why are there so many mistakes? Were you being careless again? Did you get all the answers right when … Continue reading Asian parenting after-school interrogation