Moments before birth and death,

you are struck by fear and anxiety

Fear of the unknown

Anxiety that comes with anticipation

Your thoughts are muddled

They are dark and grey

filled with uncertainties

Your emotions and mental ability being toyed,

you cuss and bitch in them, at them

You are in that state of depression

of self-oppression and self-dejection

You want it to be over 

But you’re not prepared for it to

You sink deeper as you await 

the time of its passing

where you cross over 

to a place foreign to you

to see faces alien to you

in a future realigned for you.
…Wrote this a week before I gave birth. 

Staying together

Just the other day, a friend of mine and I were talking about this. Keeping a relationship of any sort is never easy, let alone keeping one that is bound by a covenant. But it is possible, with lots of effort. 
It may seem so easy for some people, especially those who look happy, contented and affectionate when the couple is together outside of their home. But the reason why they are still together is not what you see through their interactions in public. 
It is a lot of hard work behind closed doors. Lots of struggling to not bite each other’s head off during an argument. 

Lots of battling with the temptation to just throw in the towel and say, “Why do I even put up with you when I don’t even need you?” 

Lots of suspicions.

Lots of doubts. 

Lots of trying (and sometimes just not giving a damn anymore) to prove their faithfulness and fidelity towards each other.

And most of all, lots of reconciliation that tests how true they both really are sorry for their own actions. 

Marriage is the most challenging thing anyone has to go through. But the one who makes it ’till death do us part’ is the one who heroes it out for all to see that there is hope for true love and a lasting relationship, in a place so bleak and miserable such as this world that we’re living in.

The eccentric writer (12) – All that drama over a fall down the stairs

This was something I posted on my Facebook page two years ago. Can’t decide if I find my over-imagination stupid, unnecessary, annoying or all of the above spring-rolled together with some other terms which my just-woken-up mind is too lazy to think of. But I guess I’m just another writer with more mind on her hands than time. 

Slipped six steps down the stairs while getting the kids’s stuff ready in a hurry.

Heartbeat escalated.

My life flashed before my… what??? No!

It was more like, “Oh no! Gotta stop at this stair… nope? Maybe the next one then… not this one too? Must. Not. Hit. The tiled floor at the bottom. Wonder what the impact is going to do to my tailbone or my spine. And my head is going to hit to edge of a stair. No, that probably would’ve happened before I hit the bottom. Maybe I should spread my ‘wings’ out to make sure all this does not happen.”

It’s amazing how so much can go through your mind in just two seconds. So drama. I blame #Sherlock!

Anyway, praise God for the protection. All I got was a scratch on my arm which I can see but not feel. Haha…